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A teenage boy named Mickey saves an alien race on Jupiter’s moon Europa and planet Earth by passing the alien’s test.


Teenage Mickey passed the Europans’ test and saved two worlds, but instead of relocating to Europa with Vickie, chose to remain on Earth.  His friends Pam and David agreed to go instead, and as a reward, the Europans gave Earth the Sphere. Five years later, the advanced technology in the alien hard drive is changing Earth into a utopian paradise, and Mickey is desperate to put a stop to it.  On Europa, Pam and David live in a wondrous habitat where almost anything is possible.  Their twins, Al and Bet, have unusual abilities and a penchant for mischief.  Pam is thriving, but David increasingly struggles to adapt to a world of artificial perfection.  When the twins discover an ancient pyramid on Europa’s ocean floor with hieroglyphics the Europans can’t decipher, David schemes to return his family to Earth.