Michael H. Burnam

Michael Burnam, MD, graduated UCLA medical school in 1972 and later served as the Associate Director of the Coronary Care Unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He co-developed one of the world’s first heart attack tests, was nominated for the Yalow-Berson International Prize in Immunology, and developed and patented more than forty in vitro medical diagnostic tests and devices.

He currently is a staff cardiologist for Providence Healthcare serving the Medical Center of Tarzana, Tarzana CA, the Director of the Cardiology and Pacemaker Clinic at the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging, and is spearheading the development of one of America’s first Geriatric Cardiology institutes.

He began writing in 2010, and THE LAST STOP is his first novel. Book II of The Last Stop Series is due out in September, with two more to follow:  Europa, and the grand finale, Return. 1947, another young adult Sci Fi novel focusing on the Roswell UFO event, and The Phial (think Indiana Jones meets Contagion) are new novels available for pre-publication preview.

His first novel, THE LAST STOP, is a breath of fresh air for Young Adult fiction offering a blend of hardcore science and philosophy with just the right dash of humor. Young adult readers will appreciate THE LAST STOP’s action-packed pace, spectacular visuals, and relatable characters.  And yes, it has a happy ending (with three more books in the series). Who says a feel good story can’t be classic Sci-fi?

Michael is married, has two grown sons with successful careers, and two wonderful grandchildren. After a hard day’s work, saving a few lives here and there, Michael looks forward to embracing Jessica and typing on his laptop.


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