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Book I of The Roswell Series
Clear Fork Publishing
In Press

Set first in Roswell New Mexico in 1947, and later in America during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, 1947 is a seventy-eight thousand word Young Adult Sci-Fi novel that continues the story of the Roswell UFO incident from the alien’s point of view. Toni is a fifteen year-old alien orphaned when her parent’s flying saucer is shot down over Roswell New Mexico on July 8, 1947. She’s been raised in hiding by former Air Force Nurse Naomi Selff who stole her as an infant from the wreckage. Believing the child who she names Antonia after her mother is the only alien on earth, Naomi teaches Toni to hide in plain sight by masking her alien appearance and abilities. Naomi thinks she’s succeeded until Toni’s first kiss.

There were two flying saucers over Roswell in 1947 and one escaped. Daniel is the son of the surviving crew. His parents remained on Earth to search for Toni and after fifteen years have become marooned. Believing they have no chance of rescue and that their survival depends upon masquerading as humans, Daniel’s parents haven’t told him that he’s an alien. Daniel is enjoying the life of a somewhat short and sun-sensitive, but otherwise normal high school freshman living in suburbia. He’s unaware that his parents, known to the neighbor’s as John and Mary Smith, occasionally use their flying saucer now in serious despair to save the world from the evil men who murdered Toni’s parents in 1947. Everything seems to be going well until Daniel meets Toni.


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