Bringing this Blog to life!

Bringing this Blog to life!

I’d like to begin active blogging now, beginning with a discussion of my latest book 1947.  My original intent in writing 1947 was to provide an entertaining revisitng of the Roswell UFO event focusing on what happened after the crash as seen through the eyes of two teenage aliens, Toni who knows she’s an alien, and Daniel who finds out when the Men in Black try to kidnap them.  Of course no one knows for sure what happened on July 8, 1947, but some “facts” are generally accepted by credible experts who have studied the Roswell event for more than 70 years.  I was very careful to remain true to those facts and to provide a detailed and accurate “history.”   I went a step further by linking the story line to America’s coup attempt of 1934, the so-called Businessmen’s Plot.  You didn’t learn about it in Hisotry class, but Yes, we really had a coup attempt.  Read about it in the Congressional Record and see for yourself.  Clearly a coverup.

I was also fascinated by enigmatic Air Force Nurse Naomi Self who figures prominently in 1947.  Over 200 witnesses placed her in Roswell on that fateful day.  Some claim that she was working at the Roswell Funeral Parlor the day of the crash.  You can see her Army Air Force ID picture on line with her serial number.  The Pentagon says she doesn’t exist.

After the release of 1947, an interesting thing happened, one I didn’t expect.  Several prominent UFO experts read it and told me that they consider 1947 important to the the UFO agenda.  Of course they understand that it’s a work of fiction, but believe my portrayal of the events, historical underpinnings, and my treatment of the aliens to be beneficial to the cause of what they term “disclosure.”  I find this remarkable and it has led me to research even more deepely the history of the UFO phenomenon by reading, talking to experts first hand, and by attending serious gatherings.  Those of you who read 1947 will note that I’ve integrated several other UFO “events” into the story line, such as the Kinross incident and others.  I’ve learned so much more and plan to integrate muxh of it into the sequel, 1963!

In the coming weeks I’ll share what I’ve learned with you, begionning with laying out an interesting chronology focusing not on discrete sightings or events any one of which might be a fraud, but the events as a whole.  I see it as a fascinating theme with movement and momentum that I think is going somewhere, perhaps to real disclosure sooner than eveyrone thinks.  Come along for the ride and see if you agree.  Much more to follow!


Michael Burnam, MD

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